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Week Beginning 15.06.20


Week Beginning 15.06.20


Hi Class Two, 


Hope you're all keeping well? I've not heard from you too much recently. I hope you're all staying safe. As you will have heard now, we are returning to the classroom soon. It will very different to what you are used to. But without a shadow of a doubt, it will be lovely seeing you again and hopefully you are excited about returning and catching up with your class friends. There are some useful resources that have been added to our class page to help prepare your return to the classroom after such a long (unexpected) time away. Take a look and try out the different activities. I am also adding some mindfulness activities this week. They are to help build our self esteem. This is when we might be feeling a little unsure about ourselves. We might be feeling absolutely fine but they're still good practice and worth a go!


I hope to hear from you soon! Don't forget, my email is at the top of the class page:)


Take Care,


Mrs Stanford-Stroud 






This weeks focus is phonics. We left off on Phase 3 and was making a good start of Phase 4. I have included more focus on Phase 3 as a recap for you all. There is also some work on ordering the alphabet. 



This week you will find all four 'Time' worksheets in one PDF file.