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Working together as a family, following in the footsteps of Jesus, always giving our best.

Gweithio gyda’n gilydd fel teulu, dilyn yn nhraed yr lesu, pob amser yn rhoi ein gorau.

Week Beginning 01.06.20



This week focuses upon suffixes. Take a look at the first file to make yourself familiar with what a suffix is. The loop card game can be chopped up and used as a matching game, by placing them all face down and turning two over at a time to try and get a set of matching suffixes. Work through the other worksheets as it suits you. 



Complete the worksheets provided using your 100 Square Grids to support you where required. I have allocated some games on Active Learn for you.




Each week there will be a new piece of religion work based on what the children would be taught in their class setting.