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WB 06.07.20

Hello Class Two,


It was great to see lots of you last week, return to school after a long and unexpected time away! Considering the changes to the classroom, you all did fantastic getting on with activities and socially distanced playing! I like to think you all had a great time and it was obvious that you were happy to see your friends again (judging on the amout of chatting going on!) I would like to thank you for being a fantastic class this academic year! I will hand you back to Miss Kenning for a couple of weeks now:) Enjoy and take care! I will see you after the summer holidays, when I return to Holy Family to teach once again! :)


Mrs Stanford-Stroud   

Listen to the story 'Rumble in the Jungle' to get you inspired for this weeks literacy work on alliteration. Read through the alliteration powerpoint to help you understand how to create your own alliteration ideas. 
Using the 'Jungle Lined Paper' create a list of jungle animals and think of alliteration ideas to name them. E.g Terrifying Tiger.