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Pirate Challenge

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Hello Me Hearties,

Are you up for a challenge this half term week?  

We are Tom and Amy - (other wise known as Captain Tom the Terrible and his sidekick Awesome Amy) and we have a holiday challenge for you!

We have taken over the Web Page for the Week.

So you are now our motley crew!!

You have to follow our orders!! 


We order you to dress as pirates and to see how many different activities you can photograph or video your pirate doing!

Can a pirate ride a bike?

Can a pirate wash the dishes?

Can a pirate count in 3s?

Can a pirate make cakes? 


Let's have some fun and see how many different Pirate activities we can gather.   


No costume? No Problem! Who can create the best lockdown costume? 


Send your photographs and videos to Miss Richardson (our new slave!) and she will put them all up on the Web Pages for us all to share. 

The Captain's Harmonica - Story

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Walking the Plank!!

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Other Activity Ideas

  • Pirate Treasure Hunt, hid some treasure and then create a map for someone to find your treasure - remember X marks the spot!!

  • Make your own treasure chest.

  • Pirate Movie Night - for all the family.  Enjoy a swash buckling adventure on the high seas together - with pop corn - of course!


  • Pirate Handprint Art

  • Design and make a Treasure Map Pizza!


  • What is a Sea Shantie?

  • Learn some Pirate Sea Shanties.


  • Footprint Parrot


  • WALK THE PLANK!  Watch out for the Sharks!

Pirate Craft

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Mrs Richards making pirate.mp4

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What have you been up to??


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