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Gweithio gyda’n gilydd fel teulu, dilyn yn nhraed yr lesu, pob amser yn rhoi ein gorau.

Half Term Activities 25.05.20


Handwriting Practice - There are two packs provided. Pick and choose what you need. Select the page and print individually.

Art Competition!!!

Look through each of your windows in your house and carefully choose a view that you can sit and draw. Sketch out your view to begin and then colour it in. Try to include detail in your drawing, looking closely at the trees and their leaves, the flowers, the bricks of a wall, etc. Send your finished artwork over to me using the email at the top of the class page. I really hope to see lots of you taking part! It would be lovely to share all of your artwork as a class collage. I will be looking for a winner that I can post out a PRIZE to! So get sketching Class Two! Good Luck!