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Gweithio gyda’n gilydd fel teulu, dilyn yn nhraed yr lesu, pob amser yn rhoi ein gorau.

Global Gourmet

Our context for this half term has been Global Gourmet. We have really enjoyed investigating foods from around the World. One food that has fascinated us has been the banana! Did you know that bananas are the most popular fruit in the World! They are also the fourth most important crop in the World and £10 billion is spent on bananas per year globally! Researching the journey of a banana from tree to table was also amazing. We watched a film which showed a banana plantation in Costa Rica a lot of hard manual work is involved. The bananas need a great deal of care and protection from insects before they are even picked and loaded onto the boats for the long journey to Britain. This journey takes approximately 11 days. This work has made sure that we look at bananas in a new way, we really appreciate the work that goes on to get our bananas from the tree to our table.