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Gweithio gyda’n gilydd fel teulu, dilyn yn nhraed yr lesu, pob amser yn rhoi ein gorau.

Festivals from around the World

As part of our Global Gourmet work we investigated different World Festivals. We wanted to discover why the festivals are celebrated and how the people celebrate. Once we had comleted our research we worked together to presernt our findings in a clear and appealing way. Here are some of our results:
Passover is one of the most important festivals in the Jewish  year.
April  14th 2014 it starts and ends on April   22nd 2014.
Jewish people remember how the children of Israel left slavery behind them when they were led out of Egypt by Moses over 3000 years ago.
Celebrations last for 8/7 days.
Before Passover is celebrated the house is cleaned thoroughly.
On the first two nights the friends and family meet together for a ritual  Seder  meal . Seder means order.  The food is eaten in a special order.  The food eaten is bitter herbs and vegetables, charoset paste, lamb bone and hard boiled roasted egg.

 St David’s Day
St David’s Day is celebrated  in Wales on 1st March every year.
On St David’s day we remember St David, the patron saint of Wales.
People sing Welsh songs and remember the Saint of Wales.
The foods that are eaten during the festivals are welsh cakes, leek soup, bara brith and cawl.
by Roxanne, Megan, David, Summer and Chloe