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Class Three

Welcome to Year 3/4!
Mrs Williams' Class

This half term we are exploring the context 'Sensoria' this is a Scienec led topic and we will be improving our understanding of light and sound. We discussed the questions that we would like to investigate during this context and have already discovered how we see and imporved our drawing skills by following steps and advice of an artist. We want to find out how lights work and how sounds are made.We will be creating music and artwork which will be linked to light and dark. Our end task this time will be to create a sensory area. Watch this space for our results.

Our first context for this term was Children of the Revolution we explored life during the Victorian era. We were amazed to discover some of the things that were invented during this time for example the first electric railway and the telephone. Life for poor people was vey hard and lots of children had to work in factories, or mines. Some children did go to school but schools could be very harsh for children in Victorian times. We used our research to make a double bubble map to compare and contrast life in schools then and now:

To end our context we received an invitation to attend a tea party with Queen Victoria. She wanted us to research a famous Victorian and to come to the party dressed as that person.  Take a look at the gallery to see who we came as. 

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Picture 1 We are famous Victorian authors.
Picture 2 Preparing the food for the party.
Picture 3 No we do not like this! (
Picture 4 We are not quite sure about this paste!
Picture 5 We are famous explorers and inventors.
Picture 6 we are two of Quenn Victoria's nine children.
Picture 7 We are Dr Barnardo with our daughter.
Picture 8 We are Florence Nightingale 'The lady of the Lamp'
Picture 9 Being a Roman Soldier is hard work!
Picture 10 The most frightening soldiers in the Empire!
Picture 11 We would scare the Celts!
Picture 12 we had a fantastic day at Caerleon
Picture 13 Do you think we would make good gladiators?
Picture 14 We are so proud of our finished friend.
Picture 15 It was hard working against the wind!
Picture 16 Another friend for Frankenstein!
Picture 17 A friend for Frankenstein
Picture 18 Working together to complete our task
Picture 19 Creating something wonderful!
Picture 20 Our outline for the friend of Frankenstein
Picture 21 grating lemons for our mincemeat
Picture 22 decorating gingerbread hearts
Picture 23 weighing flour for our biscuits
Picture 24 Having fun with music!
Picture 25 Having fun with music!
Picture 26 Music is Fun!
Picture 27 Having fun with music!
Picture 28 Team building is Fun!
Picture 29 Team building is Fun!
Picture 30 Team building is Fun!
Picture 31 Team building is Fun!