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Class Four

Welcome to Year 5/6!
Mrs Osborn's Class


This term our main context topic is 'Energy'. We are studying all types of energy including wind, solar power, electricity, gas, coal and nuclear energy. We will be investigating through collaborative research various energies and we will have the opportunity to present our findings in any way we wish. We will use thinking maps, various forms of ICT and a range of writing. One of our main energy focus' will be coal and we will explore the history of coal mining in Wales as well as effects on mining communities, health and industry as a whole. We will look at how coal usage has changed and we will incorporate a variety of numerical skills into our study. Our class will be visiting 'Blaenavon Big Pit' to launch our explorations and we will be posting photos of our educational visit very soon, so watch this space! 


This term we will be carrying out a variety of investigations on states of matter - solids, liquids and gases and our topic is called 'Magical Motion'. We will define and find examples of solids, liquids and gases. we are going to explore the gas contained inside a bottle of lemonade, why a candle loses weight and height when it burns and whether or not a gas is released. We will explore the water content in a variety of solid fruits and vegetables. We will work together when using a wealth of numeracy skills to measure time, mass and height. We will set up experiments in groups where we will predict, ensure fair testing, record data in tables and a variety of graph forms. We will read and interpret completed data in graphs and draw conclusions. We will reflect upon our finished experiments.


We will be learning how to write instructions accurately through planning a holiday recipe and devising a booking method. We are focussing on improving our extended writing by improving style, punctuation and spelling across a wide range of writing forms.  We are all trying to read more complex texts for longer periods and we are supporting each other by being 'Leaders for Learning' and helping our peers across the school.

This year we will be performing the fantastic pantomime that everyone adores 'Aladdin'! We are excited about this production and we are awaiting the cast list. Watch for photos of progress!!                               


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