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Activities from Week 27.4.2020

Shwmae Pawb!

Another week at home, but hey check out this message from someone we all know - sent just for you guys!! Click on the link to see who it is...

Wow isn't that fabulous - more from Jack later!


This week our literacy activities are based upon the Poem of "The Owl and The Pussy Cat" by the poet Edward Lear.  He was famous for writing Nonsense Poems.  Listen to the poem and then try reading it yourself.  Can you spot the rhyming words in the poem?  Can you think of other rhyming words the poet could have used instead? Click the links below for the poem - one is a follow the words version, one is  read and the other is a sung version.



The activities include a fiction and a non-fiction comprehension. The stick puppets are to make your own version of the poem. You can use an animation or video app to record your poem. 


Maths this week is all about money - coin values, addition of money, shopping and finding change. Choose the activities that you think best suit your child and their level of working.  Remember to use 100 square to support addition and subtraction activities - even when working with money.  


Be sure to do counting and times tables activities for a few minutes everyday.

I promised you some more from Jack Hartmann and here they are:-


This is one I know you love:-

Context for Learning


From next Week many of our activities will be based upon the new Context of Learning. Open the documents to find out more information and to see how you can help decide what we are going to be learning even from home!!

Knowledge and Understanding of the World

I thought it would be good to learn more about the owl from the Poem, so here are a few activities about owls and also about grouping different types of living things.  

Physical Activities

The Sock Challenge -