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Activities from Week 22.6.2020

Hello boys and girls,

Okay, so this is the last full week before some of us meet up again in school, while the rest of us keep working hard at home. So I thought what better way to fill the week than to enjoy some more PIRATE activities.

It is my birthday this week too, so I’m looking forward to you sending me  lots of your fabulous work as a birthday treat for me!!

Back to School Activities

Share the Bubble Poem with your child. 

Discuss how it makes them feel. 

Use the 'Message in a Bottle' activity below for your children to write any worries they might have about coming back to school and fix to the bottle.  Children can bring these bottles with them into school and if they want we can talk about their worries and hopefully be able to reassure them.  

Context Activities

Activity 1

WALT: create our own pirate character.

Using all that you have learned previously about Pirates create your own Pirate Character. You will need to know the name and age of your pirate, what they look like, how they behave, crimes they have committed etc. Making notes or create a bubble map of your ideas will help you in the next activities. Try to include lots of atrocious, petrifying pirate adjectives. It might help to look back to the previous information we had about Pirates to gather your ideas. 


Activity 2

WALT: Design a WANTED poster.

Using the Pirate you created in Activity 1 complete a Wanted Poster informing people to be on the lookout for your dangerous, fearsome fiend!!  You can use one of the templates or design your own Wanted Poster. Be sure to include as much information as possible.

Activity 3

WALT: write an acrostic PIRATE Poem.

Use your notes and/or Bubble Maps to create an acrostic poem for the word PIRATE. Consider whether there are any opportunities for alliteration within their poem. Read and record poems aloud to share with others.

Record onto PIRATE acrostic poem writing frame ready to bring to school when we return.

Listen to the story of Henry's Pirate Surprise

Create a Flow Map of the story using words and pictures.

Using your Flow Map as a guide retell the story of Henry's Pirate Surprise either in your work book or using Word Processing. 

Henry's Pirate Surprise.mp4

Still image for this video