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Activities from Week 15.6.2020

Hello boys and girls,

As I am sat typing this letter the raining is absolutely pouring down! sad

But of course it is needed for the gardens and parks, rivers and lakes, plants and animals. So we must be thankful for that.

What have you been up to this week? My week started with my first visit in an awfully long time into school. Most of the teachers were gathered there (socially distancing of course) to start making preparations for children coming back into school.  It was very good to see some of the other teachers after such a long time.

In preparation for coming back to school I have put some information for you and your families on the main class web page and some of our work activities will also be about the return to school.  All the teachers want all the children to be as prepared as possible so that coming back to school will be a safe and happy experience for us all.

I hope you all enjoyed the Eco Week activities, I have enjoyed seeing photos of some of the activities you got up to and look forward to seeing more through the week. 

Have a good week, keep working hard, stay safe and well and behave for your families.

Lots of Love

Miss Richardson

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