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Activities from Week 11.5.2020

Gosh - another week already. The time is just flying by.  

I hope you have all had a good weekend and are ready for lots of new activities this week. Before we start here are some of the things you got up to last week.  It's not too late to send me more if you have any!


One class member was very enterprising with the VE Day celebrations and created his very own VE Day Cafe! Well Done ES!! He gave each food item a price, made price labels.  Then customers gave their orders and ES worked out the total cost of their food and the change they needed.  I hope you made a good profit!!


A brilliant response from KO to the VE Day activities with some family history.  

My Great Granddad’s name was Raymond Dutton. He was born in Barry. He joined the Navy during World War 2. He was stationed on a ship called The HMS Bermuda, and he travelled to many places including  North Africa, Malta, Gibraltar and  Sydney Australia.


My Great Granddad was awarded 8 medals for his efforts in the war. 


We have lots of photos, letters and paperwork from his time in the Navy.


He never ate curry from the day he left the Navy as everything on the boat was curried :-)

Here are some fabulous photographs of KO's Great Grandad on his ship.


Most of the literacy this week takes place in the Context activities, but here are a few activities to keep your grammar, punctuation and spelling skills in tip top condition.


This week maths is mainly focusing on being able to add a string of smaller numbers.  There are some PowerPoint and Discussion activities for you to work through with an adult.  There are a few activities to revise skills we have learned before. 

Remember to do some counting/tables activities each day.  Here are a few suggestions:-

The warm up activities help to get your brain ready - Maybe choose a warm up activity that you could do each day challenging yourself to see if you can get better/faster as the week goes on? 

Context Activities


Creative Activities

These creative activities follow our Land Ahoy theme by taking a splish splash under the water ...


Dancing Octopus 

Origami Octopus

Health & Well Being

I have heard that some of you have been keeping up your good work of the daily mile - arddechog! Staying active is very important. Below are some Underwater Movement Challenge cards - maybe you could video yourselves so we could see who can make the moves of the underwater creatures?? There is also a booklet of activities created by the Police School Beat Team - including PC Jane who comes to visit us at school.    

I.C.T Activity from Mrs Charles

Log into Hwb and click on J2e.  Click on the folder Shared Files and click on the Holy Family file.  Open the treasure map in turtle.  Add a girl/boy sprite by clicking on the + symbol.  Move your sprite to Dead Man's Creek and direct it around the island ensuring you visit all the places.  Can you find different routes to take?  


Make sure you save your routes to your files.


Have fun!