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Gweithio gyda’n gilydd fel teulu, dilyn yn nhraed yr lesu, pob amser yn rhoi ein gorau.

Activities from week 18.5.2020

Ascension Thursday

21st May 2020

Please share with you child what happened when Jesus returned to His Father by ascending into heaven. Why not share one of these child friendly videos.

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to another week away from normal school. sad 

Goodness me, time is passing so quickly. I bet lots of you have grown inches taller in the time since I last saw you.  Will I still recognise you when we do get back to school? surprise I hope you are all happy and ready to try your best with a new week of activities. laugh

A slightly different idea this week - I would like you to start by listening to this story - Jake's First Day - because lots of the activities that I have chosen are connected to this story.  So sit back, relax and enjoy... 

Jake's First Day read by Miss Richardson

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This week our maths is mainly learning about map reading and coordinates. These help us to find places more easily on a map.  Just what you need to be able to do if you have a treasure map!! 

Start with the PowerPoint, this should help you to understand how compass directions and coordinates work. 

Remember to practise counting and times tables a few minutes each day.

P.E and I.C.T Challenge from Mrs Charles

Health & Well Being

How to Make a Pirate Puppet

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Why not take a break and check out some of the things that your classmates have been up to this week.

K'nex Telephone

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